Orange Sherbet Serving Up Sweet Music for Families


Orange Sherbet “...miraculously blended the nearly impossible olio of educational messaging, dazzling musicianship and clever songwriting”  -Time Out Chicago Kids

DELICIOUS is tasty.”  -The Rock Father

Orange Sherbet’s new cd Delicious is a tasty, jazzed-up, seventeen-song musical celebration of the joys of growing, preparing, and enjoying nourishing, delicious, local, seasonal meals.

With Delicious it's likely you'll want seconds.”  -Zooglobble

The toe tappin’ tastiness and scrumptious singing served up in Orange Sherbet’s Delicious will have kids dancing at the farmers’ market through all four seasons--clamoring for the taste of parsnips, persimmons, purple kale, and tomatillos!   -Vanessa Barrington ~ Author/Blogger/Chef

An animation by artist Sarah Klein, featuring Springtime!!! 

Stefan of Zooglobble said: “There has to be an old Sesame Street episode into which this funky, jazzy wordplay (with animation to match from Sarah Klein) could be seamlessly inserted, right?”  Thanks Stefan! Sweet!